How similar will High School Camp be to Camp KidJam? (team competitions, tracks, etc.)

No doubt, we have the same DNA as Camp KidJam. Those guys are A-MAZING and we want to continue the work that they begin at the elementary school level and take it all the way to graduation. That said, while our heart is the same, some of the practices will be different so they meet the developmental needs of high school students. There will still be structured recreation time (though not around a track). There will also be free time to enjoy things like the water parks. You can still expect the high levels of teaching, content, small-group time, leader training, talent, and production that you see at KidJam…but in a way that’s, well….not for kids.

What if we don’t use XP3 Student Curriculum? Will that be weird for our students?

Not at all. While High School Camp works well within the strategy of the XP3 curriculum, it also works well as a stand-alone event.

What will an average day be like?

See the sample schedule under your camp location.

What about free time?

At HSC Mountain there indoor/outdoor water parks, arcades, laser tag, a laser maze and a ton of other fun to be had. While we want to offer students some free time to enjoy the great amenities of each location, we also realize that too much of a good thing isn’t such a good thing. So, there will not be long stretches of free time every day. Some days will include a structured, team-building recreation time as well.

So, is this going to be fun?

We know that a boring camp means nobody wins. That’s why the HSC team is made up of the craziest, most creative, most wildly inventive people we can find. From a camp host who will keep you ROTFLing to competitions that are all-out war, this will be the most FUN event of your student’s summer.

Speaking of leaders, is there a set student/adult ratio?

Yes, for safety purposes, we require at least one adult leader per 10 students. Because we care so much about the small group experience, HSC also requires that every student have a small group leader, but how you structure that is up to you. You may have small groups of 5 or small groups of 15. As long as it works out that you have at least one adult per 10 students and everyone has a leader, we’re happy.

Is there a different price for leaders?

We’ve worked really hard to secure contracts that give us the absolute lowest ticket cost while keeping the resort amenities and meals that make the HSC experience so great.  That means leaders and students are the same price. But here’s a tip: if you want to take a little financial responsibility off your leaders, increase the cost to your students by $10. That means if you have ten students per leader, each student pays you $10 more and the leader gets a $100 discount.

How many meals are provided?

Ten. Dinner on the first day plus 3 meals for every day of camp. Breakfast on departure day will be on your own since so many of our attendees must leave early to get home. There will be a snack bar available (ok….5 snack bars and a coffee shop in some locations) if anybody gets hungry in between!

What does the price include? Food? Lodging?

The camp fee covers food, lodging, security, sessions, and leader training. Don’t worry, nobody will be hungry or homeless at HSC!

What ages can I bring to High School Camp? What if a student is going into high school or a just-graduated senior?

High School camp is open to whoever is in your high school ministry. That means just-graduated 8th graders and just graduated seniors are good with us if they are already a part of your normal High School programming. Unfortunately, High School Camp is not designed for any of the following: Your entire middle school ministry. Your preschool ministry. Your senior adult hand-bell choir.

What time will we need to be there on Monday?

 Arrival is from 3-5pm.

What is the cancellation policy on tickets?

Please see our Terms and Conditions located in the Fine Print

Is my deposit refundable?

No. But it can be rolled over to your total camp fee. So, if you pay a deposit for 30 spots, but you only need 28, the $100 in deposit money for those 2 unused spots will be applied to your overall camp fee.

Do we have to pay the full price to register?

No. A $50 is all that’s required to secure a ticket.

What makes High School Camp different from other student camps?

There are some great camps out there and we are honored that you are considering High School Camp. One of the biggest differences is that more activities during the week will be small-group specific and sessions will be intentionally designed to stimulate group discussion. At High School Camp, we want to elevate the role of the adult small group leader. Building the relationship between the small group leader and the student is essential to us so that the camp relationship can continue once camp is over.